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Planndu Updates Version 1.0.7

Planndu's updates

We’re excited to share the latest updates in Planndu! The new duration feature, improved reminder setup, and time format in settings. Check out how to use it. New Duration Feature The Duration Feature is all about giving you more control…

Planndu Update Version 1.0.6

Planndu updates

We are excited to introduce you to the newest updates in our app, specifically focusing on the enhancements to our calendar and focus features. Let’s dive in and see how these changes can improve how you work and manage your…

Unlock the New “Focus Timer” in Planndu

Pomodoro Focus timer

Planndu has recently created a new feature called “Focus Timer”, It’s based on the Pomodoro technique and has options to further customize it specifically for you. Upgrade now to Premium and unlock “Focus Timer” to improve your productivity and get…

Let’s Give Planndu a Warm Welcome!

Planndu todo tasks reminder

Hey there, The wait is finally over! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Planndu – the ultimate productivity app for Android. With Planndu, you can organize your time and stay focused on your goals. Months of hard work have…