How We Got Our First 10 Paying Users Within 3 Months

Hello everyone! We started Planndu almost a year ago and it’s been a hell of a ride. Having spent the last year building out and testing new features, we’re super excited it’s finally out! I’ll be using the blog to update you about how it’s going, the milestone we’ve accomplished, and what’s coming next for Planndu.

The idea

In our times, it’s way more challenging to concentrate on your daily tasks having all these distractions. Many existing productivity apps on the market deal with some of these challenges, but most are hard to operate and take too much effort to adopt.

We learned that it is not efficient to use different apps at the same time, as switching contexts takes too much of your attention. This is how we came up with the idea to create Planndu, a single app that would be easy to use and will have all that’s needed to manage tasks from planning to execution.

How it went

Working on the first version took us many hours and an enormous effort, we received lots of constructive comments during the development stage and decided to implement the necessary changes right away. Mostly what worked for us was the simplicity of the features. It had the most significant effect on the user’s productivity, and it was clear to us that there’s an advantage in having one single app that will help you manage all your daily tasks. Luckily, just a month after launching Planndu, we saw our first sales, and in August we already reached the milestone of 10 paying users. We still have a lot of work to do, but we feel that Planndu is on the right path!


Marketing effort

We invested a lot in SEO, adding backlinks, and optimizing our keywords and it brought a few hundred downloads for the app. The thing that worked the best for us was posting our weekly blogs and articles about productivity. Within a few months, it translated into thousands of visitors a day, and we see constant growth in traffic.
We also tried direct sales through emails and paid-for ads on social media. None of them worked for us, we thought that it would get us a lot of traffic, but it didn’t help too much.

Lessons learned

The biggest lesson we learned is that it’s crucial to measure the retention of features regularly. With the help of Google Analytics, we were able to find issues with our retention in some places. We then knew where we should spend our time more, or which features should be removed. I mean, what’s the point of having features that are not being used? Make sure you check the retention regularly, this is where you want to spend most of your time improving the app.

Coming soon

We are already working on improving existing features such as the calendar, focus, and collaboration. Currently, Planndu is only available for Android. In the near future, we plan to expand to more platforms such as iOS and Desktop. We also want to add more integrations with other apps and do more collaborations.

Remember that time is the most important resource we got! Use it wisely and gain more time to do things you love. For all the entrepreneurs out there be patient as it takes time for the result to surface.