Let’s Give Planndu a Warm Welcome!

Hi, we are excited to announce Planndu! A productivity app for Android that helps you to organize your time efficiently and stay more focused. After months of hard work, the first beta version has officially launched!
Planndu for Android is the first app, and the iOS & Desktop apps will be available soon in the coming months.

Why now?

The world witnessed a historic shift in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Everything is more accessible remotely than ever before. Gradually, the world has been forced to adapt to the virtual revolution.
That sounds like great news, but now, a vast range of issues and challenges occur as staying concentrated and staying productive.
Apparently, It’s all about the distractions. We are most likely to lose our focus when we switch between contexts. It turns out that it takes us time to “get in the zone”, every online distraction like a notification that interrupts you for 30 seconds usually isn’t just 30 seconds down the drain.

According to research done by Gloria Mark from the University of California, the average time estimation of how long it takes us to return to the original task after an interruption is 23 minutes and 15 seconds.
In other words, that “30 seconds to check Twitter” isn’t just 30 seconds at all. It’s 25 minutes and 30 seconds.
Now think of how many times you are being distracted during an average day?

All these distractions not only hurt productivity but also carry negativity that affects our mood and motivation.
Staying focused is always tough with all the notifications, phone calls, and emails distracting you, more and more people depend on to-do list apps and sticky notes to manage their tasks.

What is Planndu?

Planndu is a tool that is here to help you organize your life, boost your productivity and stay effective. It’s way more than just a calendar, to-do planner, or a reminder app.
We integrated productivity techniques seamlessly into one app so you could easily achieve your goals.

With our Android app at hand, you can always count on a productive day morning.
You’ll get more important things done guaranteed.