Unlock the New “Focus Timer” in Planndu

Planndu has recently created a new feature called “Focus Timer”, It’s based on the Pomodoro technique and has options to further customize it specifically for you. Upgrade now to Premium and unlock “Focus Timer” to improve your productivity and get rid of distractions.

Currently, there are three kinds of focus timers to help you stay focused: Pomodoro, 52/17, and Flowtime. Every focus timer has its configuration, you may easily switch between them and find the best timer that fits you the most.

Pomodoro Timer

It uses a simple timer to break tasks into intervals, typically 25 minutes for focus, separated by short breaks. Each interval is known as a Pomodoro.

Sounds simple, but it is a very effective technique to help you get your tasks done. You can use Pomodoro to boost focus, manage energy and avoid burnout. It will enable you to increase the quantity and quality of your work. 

To make it work nicely, you must block all of the distractions. After each session, take a short break to let you recharge before starting the next work session.

Here are the steps for the Pomodoro technique:
• Select a single task.
• Set your timer for 25 minutes.
• Work on the task without interruption until the timer sounds.
• Take a 5-minute break (After a few sections you should take a longer break).
• Repeat.

52 / 17 Timer

Just like the Pomodoro technique, the 52/17 is a time management method that recommends 52 minutes of focusing on a task alternated by 17 minutes of complete resting and recharging. It suits those who feel that a 25 minutes focus is not enough to get into deep concentration.
Being focused for an extended period of time sometimes makes sense because once you are distracted, it takes a huge amount of time to get into the same focus again, and also waiting and getting the 17 minutes breaks could be much more rewarding. There’s a study published in The Muse that discovered that in some companies, the workday on average, was divided into 52-minute sprints of purposeful working and 17-minute breaks.

Flowtime Timer

Like Pomodoro and 52/17, The Flowtime technique is a time management technique for everyone whose tasks require deep concentration. The recommended time for that method is 45 minutes of deep concentration paired with a 15 minutes break.

It’s based on scientific research that says the human brain can only take in up to 45 minutes of information before it starts decreasing its capacity to absorb anything. 

This is especially relevant in young minds. So, the idea is to encourage you to start taking more frequent breaks and focus as deeply as possible.

All three timers can help you develop the ability to deal with distractions and concentrate on demanding work. Now, easily make it all happen with the Planndu app for Android!