Getting to Know Planndu: A Brief Overview of Its Features

Feeling overwhelmed by endless to-do lists and scattered notes? Don’t worry, task management tools are here to help, and Planndu goes beyond just checking things off. In Planndu you can find features that are tailored to your needs, helping you effectively prioritize tasks, promote well-being through mindful planning, and improve your focus while you work. It seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow to manage your tasks in a way that feels balanced and manageable.

Setting Up Your Day

Task Listing:

Write down all your to-dos! Divide any small tasks into smaller pieces, quicker wins. This way, you stay on top of things and avoid the stress of rushing at the last minute. Planning goes beyond deadlines; it’s a methodical progression toward realizing what you can accomplish, one step at a time.


Prioritization and Status:

Prioritize your listed tasks based on importance and urgency and categorize them by status and priority level. For a visual approach, you can use a color-coding system to organize tasks by urgency or personal preference. It helps guarantee prompt attention to essential tasks, minimizing the chance of overlooking them.


Scheduling with Reminders:

Leverage the scheduling feature to assign dedicated time slots for each task. Utilize reminders to alert you when it’s time to begin a specific task, ensuring you stay on track and meet deadlines. Additionally, customize reminders to your preferences, guaranteeing optimal productivity throughout your day.

Recurring Task Setup:

Eliminate the tedium of manually re-entering recurring tasks, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or custom intervals. Automate repetitive tasks effortlessly as it saves you valuable time that ensures consistency in task execution and focusing on higher-level priorities instead.

Duration Estimation:

Estimate the duration of each task using our duration feature. By assigning time predictions, you gain insight into the big picture for better time management and allocation of resources. This approach minimizes the risk of overcommitting or underestimating your workload, leading to a more balanced and productive workflow.


Simplified Calendar:

Calendars offer a quick peek into your upcoming schedule by navigating effortlessly with daily, weekly, and monthly views. In monthly view with a long press on the day you can see all your tasks for that day and with a long press on the task you can delete it quickly. Plus, you can import events from your Google Calendar for consolidated planning.


The Power of Focus Timers

Pomodoro and 52/17:

The Pomodoro Technique is a proven method for increasing productivity and managing time effectively. Additionally, it incorporates the 52/17 Focus Timer, which suggests working for 52 minutes and taking a break for 17 minutes, optimizing productivity even further and preventing burnout. You can link your task to a timer to view your task while in the focus screen for uninterrupted concentration.


Incorporating moments of mindfulness into your day is essential for maintaining focus and reducing stress. Use Meditation Focus Timer to schedule periods of peace amidst your busy schedule or start your day recharged, with improved overall well-being.

All the timers are customizable, as you can adjust your focus time, break time, and the number of intervals according to your preferences. Additionally, we offer nature sounds to help you focus and get into a deep work session.


Simplify Your Life with Templates

Save Time using Planning Templates:

Whether you’re planning a vacation or camping, use templates so you don’t forget any essential items, simplifying your preparation process. Planndu provides various templates tailored to different aspects of life, ensuring efficiency and convenience in managing your tasks.

Gratitude with Journal Template:

Gratitude journaling can encourage mental health and improve positivity. Take a few moments each day to reflect on the things you’re thankful for, fostering a mindset of abundance and contentment.

Building Habits for Success:

Success is often the result of consistent habits. Leverage the habit templates to establish routines that align with your goals. Whether it’s exercising daily, reading for 30 minutes, or eating healthily.


Celebrate Success and Track Progress

Celebrate your accomplishments with visual badges. All tasks that are completed and marked as “Done” will be counted towards your achievements, providing a sense of accomplishment as you reach milestones. You can view them on your profile screen, along with a weekly progress chart tracking your completed tasks.


Mastering your day requires planning, mindful organization, and having the right tools at your disposal. Planndu offers a comprehensive solution for organizing your day effectively, increasing productivity, and improving overall well-being. Download the app today to overcome your daily challenges and achieve your goals with ease.