Planndu Updates Version 1.0.7

We’re excited to share the latest updates in Planndu! The new duration feature, improved reminder setup, and time format in settings. Check out how to use it.

New Duration Feature

The Duration Feature is all about giving you more control over your tasks. When creating a task, you can set its duration, specifying how much time you’d like to allocate to it.

You can add the duration in two ways:

1. If you’re adding a new task and you’re on the new task screen, click on the schedule icon on the right side of the top bar, and the duration option will appear there.

2. If you already have an existing task that you’ve added and want to update its duration, you can easily do so on the home screen. Mark the task to which you want to add the duration using a long-click and click on the reminder icon on the right side of the top bar.

Then, click on duration and choose the number of minutes or hours you need using the sliders. Once you’re ready, click on the “Set” button to add the duration to your task.

Note: The Duration Feature, is available exclusively for our premium users.


Simplified Reminder & Time Settings Update

We’ve simplified and made the reminder feature more convenient by combining date and time, making it easier to set reminders. Instead of having separate “Date” and “Time” options, you’ll now find a unified “Time” option that covers both aspects.


Furthermore, we’ve introduced the flexibility to select between a 24-hour format or a 12-hour AM/PM format in the settings. To make this adjustment, navigate to “Settings,” then “Date & Time,” and choose your preferred time format.

Download and update Planndu for a simpler and more organized task management experience!