Creating effective habits and routines is essential for achieving productivity and focus. In this section, we’ll explore the science of habit formation and offer practical tips for establishing sustainable habits that support your goals. Learn how to overcome common obstacles and optimize your routines for greater productivity and focus.

The Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Productivity

Smartphone email and notifications distractions

When it comes to productivity, many things affect it. But now more than ever, we are constantly overloaded with irrelevant information that is competing for our attention, using the dirtiest tricks in human psychology. Regular exposure to some of the…

The Simple Way of Creating Long-Lasting Habits

Calendar habits, study, drink water, workout, eat healthy

Our habits shape who we are, except forming them is not always so easy. A habit only becomes permanent when it becomes automatic. Yet getting started and remaining committed could be a whole challenge by itself. There’s a theory called…