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Use Planndu to:

Plan, Organize, and Execute Your Goals

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Add tasks faster and easier

Manage your tasks, update their status, set priorities, and get a clear overview of what's coming next.

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Improve your concentration

Set time blocking timers to get rid of procrastination, limit distractions, and improve your focus skills.

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Collaborate with others

Make collaborative notes, tasks, or checklists, and delegate everything you can to achieve your goals faster.

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Never forget anything

Add one-time and recurring reminders to keep track of your everyday necessities, and never forget any deadline.

Accomplish what's meaningful to you in your daily life.

Whether there is an idea you want to capture, a goal to achieve, or a project to plan, move forwards towards your goals with our productivity planner.

mobile app to organize tasks, set priorities and set kanban status
mobile app to set reminders and deadlines

Plan your day, and schedule any important task.

Keep yourself on top of any deadline and make a new habit of focusing only on things that matter. That way you can be sure that nothing crucial slips away.

Improve focus and get your productivity to the next level.

Split your time into manageable focus blocks, and take short breaks to work or study with fewer distractions and improved concentration.

The focus feature is only available within Premium
mobile app to improve focus and get more productive using Pomodoro technique

Get even more focused and organized

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