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Maximize your productivity
with Planndu Premium

Get even more focused and organized in life
using the advanced Premium features.

Craft your own repeatable focus sessions and avoid distractions

focus customization icon Focus with timers

Focus with Pomodoro/Meditation & 52/17 timers to improve your concentration skills and overcome any procrastination.

focus customization icon Configure sessions

Configure the focus sessions according to your needs, find your most optimal workflow and get on top of any task.

collaboration icon Attach tasks

Choose a specific task to focus on, and automatically set their status to 'done' at the end of the session.

collaboration icon Enable sounds

Select from various sounds of nature or a just brown noise to help you get into deep concentration.

mobile app improve focus, set Pomodoro timer to get rid of procrastination
mobile app to get a full overview of what's for today and what's coming next

Plan your day and schedule tasks that matter most

sync calendar icon Sync with Calendar

Get all your Google Calendar tasks imported directly to Planndu with the click of a button.

daily calendar icon Weekly & Monthly view

See the big picture and plan accordingly by overviewing the scheduled tasks for each day.

Collaborate on tasks and achieve your goals faster

real time icon Enable collaboration

Collaborate effectively with friends and colleagues to improve communication and achieve your goals faster

collaboration icon Sync tasks in real time

Work together remotley in-real time from everyewhere.

mobile app to collaborate on tasks, shopping list, projects and more

More premium features

recurring due date icon

Recurring due dates

Schedule a weekly routine with highly customizable reminders, and build habits that stick.

habits icon

Habit templates

Get habit templates to adopt good habits that might improve your mental health and wellbeing.

premium theme icon

Premium themes

Change the theme to a more bright and stylish option and meet your preferences.


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