We bring time management to everyone.

Frustrated by the lack of simple tools to solve the productivity and focus problems, a team of entrepreneurs with a straightforward vision got together to create their own technological solution.
Planndu was invented after months of exploration, research, and interviews with many experts in productivity and human behavior. The main goal was to make the most effective task management tool that really makes an impact and is helpful for every individual at any time.

With the Planndu app, any user can access a wide range of proven productivity techniques that will help get more things done and stay focused on things that matter. We achieved a lot till now, but we still have many surprises on the roadmap that we're very excited about. Our journey has only begun as we plan to constantly sharpen our tools and explore new methods of becoming productive.

Our core values

Passion - We constantly seek to improve, innovate and push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

Integrity - Acting with strong ethics is a priority for us. We act with honesty, empathy and transparency.

Teamwork - We work together to achieve more. it’s only through teamwork that we reach success.

We are here for the long run.

  1. March 2022 - The Idea

    It all starts with one idea to make an easy and effective task manager.

  2. April 2022 - Validation

    Surveys, experiments, and interviews were conducted.

  3. May 2022 - Beta Version

    First simplified version was released for a limited number of users.

  4. June 2022 - Planndu Launched!

    The first full version launched, but it's only the start of the journey.

The Team

Yarik Skov
Software Engineer
Kate Kon
Product Designer