How To Be More Productive With Recurring Reminders In Planndu

Since the rolling out of reminders this year, it’s been among the most popular features in Planndu. In our latest surveys, most Planndu users said that reminders help them be more productive. It makes sense because adding reminders to your tasks makes it easier to focus on what matters and helps you start taking action toward the goal. But what makes Planndu even better is the premium feature of recurring reminders and the option to postpone reminders when the unexpected happens.

Automate your rituals

When it comes to managing the burdens of daily life, very often, the things that repeat are the ones we tend to forget the most. So when you automatically remind yourself each time a task is due, it makes it easier for those repeating tasks to become part of your routine. Recurring reminders can also help to stay on track with anything.

For example, to ensure you always meet your deadlines, you can set a recurring reminder to remind you about tasks daily. Or you may create a recurring reminder to remind you about notes for the weekly meetings so you”ll be prepared in time. Whether you use Planndu to be productive at work, manage your side project, or even keep your personal life in order, recurring tasks can help you stay consistent and organized with minimal effort.


Increase your focus with reminders

It can be hard to stay productive while you feel overwhelmed. Not only it distracts you from work, but it also harms your ability to relax afterward.
Just like creating recurring reminders for your work can boost your productivity and effectiveness, the same is true for your personal life. That way, you can focus on your duties while you’re on the job, and take care of the rest after. It’s easier to handle monotonic duties when you have them scheduled. It gives you the privilege to forget about things that bother you when you have other tasks to complete.

Most importantly, start simple and then with time upgrade your reminders. You may be surprised to find that even a simple reminder, feels more like a second brain, one that you can train and invest in, just like an actual assistant.